Mul-T-Mat - more than just mats

Food Service Matting

Grip True

1/2"  thick rubber
Sizes:  30 x 36 - 30 x 60

NEW Grade A Food Production #482

WHERE: Designed specifically for the food production and manufacturing industries. Also ideal for restaurant and food prep workstations.

WHY: Specially formulated anti-bacterial Nitrile rubber composite is designed to withstand solutions used in a wide variety of food processing environments: vegetable oils, animal fats, citrus, and fish oil.

Five key features:

  1. Passes ASTM G21-96 (2002), the test used by NSF to determine resistance to microorganisms. It is 100% anti-microbial. Test results are available upon request.
  2. Built-in handles to ease pick-up and cleaning of the mats.
  3. Hygienic porthole and solid underside design of the mat simplify cleaning and virtually eliminates areas where food can collect.
  4. Substantial underside knobs allow quick drainage and increase the comfort level of the mat.
  5. Flat, but textured surface increases traction when greasy and wet

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