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Anti-Static/ESD Accessories

Wrist Strap, Coil Cord, Ground Cord
Wrist Strap - 6 feet long
Resistivity:  Integral one megohm resistor.
Ground Point Cord - 10 feet long: No resistor necessary

Wrist Strap No. 793.6WStrap,
Coil Cord/Ground Cord No. 797CPCord

WHERE: To ground the worker to the mat.

WHY: To reduce ESD problems and downtime, ground your workers to their ESD table-top mats (see Stat-Guard Work Surface). Our 6' Coil Cord and Wrist Strap work effectively in conjunction with the 797 Common Point Ground (15') Cord or simply clipped to the grounding snap. The Common Point Ground Cord will connect the mat to your building ground as well as ground our wrist-strap and coil cord to the mat.

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