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Entrance Matting

Mud Chucker

Stock Size:   12-3/8”x 15-1/4”
Colour: Black
Thickness: 1” at front edge,
2-3/8” on the sides

Mud Chucker™ Portable Entrance Scraper Mat

WHERE: Outdoor Entrances

WHY: Mud Chucker™chucks the muck off your boots! It is incredibly effective when used where shoes or boots are exposed to dirt, grass clippings, snow, salt, sand or any type of muck that is better left outside. Use it in conjunction with a traditional entrance mat in really dirty areas, or as a stand-alone product in tight spaces. Designed to be staked down in permanent applications or as a mobile entrance mat. Easy to clean - dirt and debris are easily shaken off, while snow and ice melt filters down the front and back edges - SBR Rubber.

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