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MUL-T-MAT offers 'Value Added Services'

In business since 1979, Mul-T-Mat has been providing customers throughout Canada with a wide variety of quality matting and food service products that really do the job. Providing quality products and customer care is a label we wear proudly.

We work hard to keep our customers informed about the new (and proven) products available to them today. Well informed clients, are generally happy clients - they choose wisely!

Our products are sold primarily through a network of dealers in the industrial, safety and food service industries. Reps are in place to service all major Canadian markets. Warehouses are conveniently located in Vancouver, B.C. and Toronto, Ontario.

We offer a host of Value Added Services to assist you in satisfying your customers' needs and increasing your overall profits. Here are the "Value Added Services" you will receive from Mul-T-Mat...

Local Representation - Mul-T-Mat has local representatives servicing all parts of Canada. These people can work with your staff to do the following:

  • Train sales personnel on the products and their specific applications.
  • Make end user calls with our sales people or on your behalf to specify products.
  • Assist in trade shows, promotional activities and catalogues.
2. Local Inventory - Mul-T-Mat has warehouse facilities in Toronto and Vancouver. This will decrease lead times making your turnaround time quicker and more profitable. Also, with no commitment to stock, your cash is not tied up in potential 'slow movers'.
3. Ship Direct - If required, we can 'drop ship' to provide better service to your customers....which reduces your inventory carrying costs and makes this product category more profitable.
4. Expanded Product Mix - Mul-T-Mat offers the widest selection of matting in Canada providing a greater selection of product than you currently have PLUS the ability to source any product your customer requires. This will help you satisfy more of your customers' needs and increase your market penetration for this product category.
Customized Cutting & Sizing - Custom cutting is done in-house at our facility which allows you to quickly meet the specific needs of your customer. Customizing' is done by the factory to insure 'first quality'... no other company offers the flexibility and unique sizing options to give your customers the optimum in fitting.

Weights and Measures, Metric Conversions   Weights and Measures, Metric Conversions
6. Reduced Administration - As we are a 'stocking' wholesale distributor, there is no more duty, brokerage, taxes and cross-border shipping hassles as you are now dealing with a 'Canadian' company.
7. Support - We provide all the sales tools required to sell our products... training videos, brochures, catalogues, sample swatches, sample books, and on-line customer support should you need assistance - from choosing a mat to calculating your price. Our trained matting specialists work with you to determine the 'right mat' for the application. In some cases, we let our customer take a mat for a 'test drive' to see if this is the right mat for the job!
8. Electronic Communications - You can now order by e-mail (

If your company is not getting this type of support . . . .what are you waiting for . . . . contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to meet with you ...

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